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Time Travel Historical Novella

Magic in Morgan's Crossing

in Debra Holland's MONTANA SKY Kindle World

Can love really appear out of thin air...like Magic?

Magic Rose is absolutely and totally in love...with her violin...but when her music transports her to 1887 Montana Territory, maybe here her heart will be able to hold more than just her love of music.

Pinkerton agent Justin MacKay is a straight-shooter and looks at the world in the only way he knows how: black and white, right and wrong. He has no time or inclinations toward believing in magic or unexplained events. But even he must consider what seems to be true: this mysterious woman has somehow traveled back in time.

None of it makes sense to Justin, except he is drawn to Magic like a moth to a flame, and he figures she's probably just as dangerous. Will se be an asset or a hindrance to completing his current assignment?

Only time will tell...


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MY Latest Grantitude Press release ebook:


Gabe Freeman never thought it was a good idea. When Celeste Parker’s Celestial Cookies was chosen to promote Valentine’s Day at the oldies radio station with deliveries of her gourmet cookies, the handsome deejay was dismayed to learn that he was part of the package…and what’s with those amazing cookies anyway…and why is their sugar and spice aroma affecting him like truth serum!?

And why on earth is Gabe fantasizing about Celeste, with her wild curls and multi-colored fingernails? He’s supposed to be planning his June wedding to the boss’s suitable conservative daughter. True, the marriage is more accurately a business merger, but that’s fine with sensible Gabe. After all, he’s never believed in true love and romance…

Celeste meets Gabe on her fortieth birthday, of all days! Sure, he’s cute, but he’s just another rat in the rat race and she’s had quite enough of that kind of man, thank you very much. But, is he? The man seems to be changing before her eyes, and why does he seem to be having fun spending time with her and riding around in her cookie mobile?

Maybe this buttoned up guy isn’t quite what he seems to be. And maybe she’s ready to share some secrets of her own…if her heart is ready, that is…

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A percentage of the author's royalties for sales of SWEET ON YOU go to: 
American Heart Association!

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Cowboy for Sale

Up Close and Personal





All I need is one cowboy for one night. 


Salon manager Lacey Murdock has to find a handsome single cowboy fast!  And he has to be willing to be auctioned off...for charity, of course!  So, what’s a girl to do but go boot-scootin’ and cowboy huntin’ at San Diego’s most popular country music club.  There she runs smack into Jared Dillon.  Tall, dark, and definitely handsome, Jared is the kind of man any woman would want to date—and he’s perfect for the bachelor auction.  Too bad he’s married...


Or is he?


Single dad Jared loves his young daughter more than anything, and has worked hard to create an idyllic life on his alpaca ranch, just the two of them.  The last thing he needs is to get involved with another single-minded career woman used to the big city lights instead of star-filled skies.  Pretty Lacey’s the kind of woman who is off limits for more reasons than he can count.  But why can’t he stop thinking about her?  Nope.  She’s just not for him...


Or is she?


When one of the bachelor cowboys is a no-show at the charity auction, Jared steps in at the last minute and gallantly saves the day.  One thing leads to another and Lacey and Jared are off on a romantic Dream Date Weekend at a mountain getaway designed for cozy evenings by the fire and luxurious nights in a four-poster bed.


Trouble is, Lacey’s not looking for a man, let alone a much-too-hot cowboy.  Her career is right on track and she’s finally bouncing back from a bad breakup.  No matter how he makes her feel, Jared definitely doesn’t fit her logical list of “must haves.”  There’s sizzling chemistry, for sure, but she’s vowed she’ll never fall for another single father again.  Losing at love is one thing, but losing the love of a child...that’s quite another...and a heartbreak she won’t go through again.


But....add together:  champagne, a hot tub, a dangerous game of twenty-questions, a romantic fire and two lonely hearts…and the delicious trouble begins.  Jared knows falling for Lacey isn’t the right thing for him or his little girl...but how’s a cowboy supposed to resist?


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A percentage of the author's royalties for sales of COWBOY FOR SALE go to: 


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She’s done everything to hide her past...


Angie Fletcher has worked hard to put her Midwest farmer’s daughter image behind her, happily replacing it with a move to San Diego and landing her dream job as a sophisticated up and coming TV reporter at KSUN. She even has a fiancé who totally understands her and her career goals. Everything is perfect until she’s assigned to cover a community gardening project--definitely not the hard news assignment she’s been hoping for. She does her best to grit her teeth and just get through it, but when she meets long-haired, devastatingly handsome and mysterious Jason Macdonald, owner of Green Zone--the subject of her assignments--he manages to get under her skin in a way she doesn’t want and can barely handle. But, hey, she’s a professional, right? So what if his casual touch makes her stomach do somersaults?


He’ll do anything to forget his past...


Jason Macdonald has thrown his heart and soul into his new business--helping urban neighborhoods reclaim land and create thriving community gardens. It’s a far cry from his former fast-paced life when he ran an exclusive landscape architect business. He’s done with working 24/7 and he’s especially done with women who are career driven over everything else. He’s buried his past, including some heartaches that will never heal...and he’s finally found his own patch of paradise and loves the new business he’s in. When he learns the new KSUN reporter is resisting covering his new business, he’s ready to set her straight. She’s everything he expects--type-A all the way...but he also suspects she’s hiding something. When she lets her guard down, he sees a glimpse of the real Angie.  But what is she hiding...and why does he care so much?


As their attraction builds and they are forced to work together, will Angie and Jason each face their pasts in order to open up their hearts to an unexpected future?


A percentage of the author's royalties for sales of UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL go to: 
American Heart Association!

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My debut ebook, HOMECOMING, was a Quarter-Finalist in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest!!  Though I didn't go further in the contest, I did receive a review from Publisher's Weekly....

ABNA Publishers Weekly Reviewer says:

"The author delivers engaging characters and a charming spin on an old plot in this mildly spicy contemporary romance. Hardworking Chicago advertising exec Jake Randall travels to his tiny hometown -- Faythe, Wisconsin, which he’d left years earlier after escaping his abusive father -- to help his elderly Aunt Tillie repair her aging Victorian house. 

"Upon arriving, he finds Tillie has died and a familiar face is now living in her house: divorcée Cory Richards, a high school friend. Matchmaker Tillie has one more surprise in store: Jake and Cory both are inheriting half of her home, but to earn it, the two must live there together for three months. 

"Soon, Jake’s feeling much more than friendship for the sweet nurse, but can he dare hope she feels the same? For her part, Cory’s been kicked in the face by love as an adult -- but believed Jake to be out of her league since they were high school students. 

"The author deftly builds a believable plot and significant emotion as Jake and Cory struggle to define what their past means -- and what their future may be. While the prodigal son returning to his small town and garnering the local girl is a long-used and familiar strategy in contemporary romances, this author proves to be a master of rising above the usual stereotypical romance elements, creating a believable plot and characters readers root for from page one. Enjoyable and fresh."


Cory Wells-Richards left her cheating husband behind and headed straight back to tiny Faythe, Wisconsin, eager to create a new future for herself. First order of business, keep her promise to a dear friend and finish the renovation on the Victorian for dearly departed Tillie and find homes for her nine cats. How tough could that be? But when Tillie’s great-nephew shows up to help, it’s all she can do not to fall right back into his arms. She's been down that heartbreak road with him before, and coming off her recent divorce she's determined to guard her heart, no matter how sexy he looks with a hammer in his hand and his shirt off.

Jake is caught between a rock and a hard place. Well, between his party-hearty, successful big city life in Chicago and the sleepy hometown he was glad to see in his rear-view mirror at the tender age of 18. He plans to fulfill his promise to Tillie and help restore her house to get it ready to sell, then return to his comfortable life in Chicago. But how is he supposed to get any work done with pretty little Cory around doing her best to drive him crazy? Being in Faythe rekindles all those long forgotten memories, some bad and some good--including his desire for Cory, the one girl he couldn’t have.


As the sexual tension between Cory and Jake heightens and their emotional connection strengthens, will they let down their barriers long enough to find true love, or will the pain of the past keep them apart forever?


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A percentage of the author's royalties for sales of HOMECOMING go to: 
Halo Pet Foundation, sponsor of the FreeKibble sites.  

Visit the FreeKibbleKat site every day, answer a trivia  questions and help feed shelter cats!!


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MORE ABOUT MY  Women's Fiction EBOOK:

  A Women's Fiction novel


Louise Brookes, aka Lulu Brookes, the radical, free-thinking film sensation of the 1920s.

lulu (loo´ loo), n. Slang. any remarkable or outstanding person or thing.

It's funny how what you see in the mirror influences how you look at the world and your place in it.  Especially when what you see is a curvy, struggling, lonely, almost-41-year-old woman. And that’s just how pretty, skin care salon owner Louise sees herself.

But sometimes—when you least expect it—life presents a chance to create a new future, and to maybe even reinvent yourself.  For Louise this happens when her best friend secretly enters a photograph of her in a contest at Glow, a local skin care company looking for models of all ages...and sizes.

Can Louise take a new path—a path that might just lead into a new life—especially when it requires her to step right out of her comfort zone and into a bathing suit photo shoot?  Heavens!

Sure, she desperately needs the prize money to help keep her skin care salon from literally falling apart around her, but can she bare herself—and eventually her soul—to the cute photographer who keeps flirting with her? 

He couldn't really be interested in her when he could pluck any normal-sized woman out of the Glow Girl contestant pool....could he?  Nope, the handsome Glow marketing exec who's also flirting with her is a better, more suitable choice...or is he? 

What's a girl to do...but lose "Louise" and become the happier, more exciting and desirable "Lulu".

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A percentage of the author’s royalties for BECOMING LULU will be donated to the
Alley Cat Allies


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AND now Available:

photo essay ebook of cats I met in Italy, filled with fun cat quotes!




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